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9 Things NOT to Say to Someone with a Brain Injury

   Brain injury is confusing to people who don’t have one. It’s natural to want to say something, to voice an opinion or offer advice, even when we don’t understand.

And when you care for a loved one with a brain injury, it’s easy to get burnt out and say things out of frustration.
Here are a few things you might find yourself saying that are probably not helpful:

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1. Buddy wrote:
Personally I label it "The Great Unknown"

A couple of years ago I experienced (in the parlance of the neurological field) a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury.

After my injury, I was still the same person I always was yet, in some ways, I was .... different.
Not understanding that this injury was drastically changing my life was at best pure frustration and very confusing.

Just a few thoughts for anyone diagnosed for a head injury ;
-You are not losing your mind (though it has changed a bit lol)
-You are not lazy
-You are not dumb or stupid by any means
-You aren't sappy because you feel like crying for no reason at all
-You will not just 'buck up' and get over this (not without understanding what you are facing)
-You are not a losing shadow of your former self

Being told all was good and was going as expected by my doctors did not help in my confusion.
I was 'walking wounded' with no way to describe to anyone what was happening to me
I soon found that even those closest to me (my wife and family) couldn't relate to any of this.
(How could they? I couldn't even explain it to myself.)
Over time I began to feel that there was a lack of caring by others (although this proved to be very far from the truth).

There is a pervasive lack of information and understanding, even in the medical field about this type of injury.
The hardest part for me was knowing that something was wrong, yet not knowing how to explain it to anyone.
It was pure luck that I was diagnosed, tested, then referred to Nuero Rehab for treatment.

The folks at Neuro-Rehab really are top notch in their knowledge of trauma and are cutting edge in therapy.
They share the latest findings on information in head injury research and this is a great comfort to me.
Their methods have helped me in learning about and understanding my injury so as to move forward in treatment.
(This was an enormous emotional relief for me after so long of not knowing)
They also have helped me learn to accept and cope with the many changes this injury has brought to my life.
And they have taught me to use very productive alternative methods to sort out and revise my thinking in ways that 'rewire my brain' so to speak.

I have rapidly progressed in many of the cognitive areas and my physical abilities with their help.(some of which I had thought were lost forever)
Many things will never be the same after changes experienced from a head injury.
But learning to maximize what you have and attain what you can do for yourself is what these folks truly excel at.
You folks are the greatest, thank you!

It's not about starting over,
It's just taking a new path of reality

Tue, January 29, 2013 @ 6:49 PM

2. Nettie wrote:
A bit surprised it seems to slimpe and yet useful.

Tue, July 2, 2013 @ 4:33 AM

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